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Merry Meet!
At this place on the Internet I like to shine a light on what it means to be a 'witch'. I will frequently add information, would you to keep informed about updates, please join the mailing list and I will send you an email when there are changes. There is a lot to talk about it I am not going to explain how to make spells or exchange my own. It is not a tradition to exchange your own power and craft to people you don't know, we keep it in the family.

What I write in my Book of Shadows is meant to be as information and not to convince you about my beliefs. A lot of people think of magick as in flying on broomsticks, the poisoned apple or Harry Potter. That is very stereotype thinking, so what is witchcraft? I try to give you an answer by explaining what concerns me, what my interests are and how you can work with it.

If you are really interested in witchcraft then you will certainly come a cross subjects like:
Knowledge of nature, the meaning of the seasons, the energy and powers.
Soothing and liberating of pain and helping with healing through massages or magnetismphysical Release of fysical and/or mental blocks through e.g. massages or herb compresses.
Knowledge of psychological processes and the use of it for healing purposes.
The use of Tarot to help understand which way to go by reading the cards for personality or future readings.
Knowledge of herbs, making of recipe, ointment and potions. Could be homeopathic.
Knowledge of candle magick, astrology, knowledge of the influence of the sun and the moon.

My Book of Shadows is growing everyday, there you will find these kind of subjects written down.
For downloads please visit my main web site!
Blessed Be :-) LaLize.