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Rituals and Energy

Here are a few chants:

New Moon Chant: Waxing, waxing, growing, growing
The Goddess' power is flowing, flowing

Sunrise Chant:
Fire growing,
Sun is growing,
Glowing, flowing
Down on me

For Personal Protection:
Visualize a triple circle of purplish light around your body while chanting:
I am protected by your might,
O gracious Goddess, day and night

Casting a circle in a hurry:
Stand, sit or lie, according to the situation. Raise energy by tightening your muscles. Visualize it glowing as a ball of purplish-blue flame within you. Using your projective hand, direct this energy out from you into a small magic circle. The hand acts as the energy director. Alternately, send out the energy in a clockwise circle around you without moving your hand. Feel the circle shimmering & pulsing. If desired & possible, sprinkle salt and/or water around you to bless the area before creating the circle.

Casting a circle (Laurie Cabot):
Remove all animals and small children from the area and any furniture that you do not want to be inside your circle.
Set up your altar before you cast your circle.
Locate magnetic North with a compass and holding the wand out from your body, go into alpha and see the wand's aura extending out from it, especially at the tip.
Visualize the tip of the wand (or you rindexfinger) creating a circle of light and energy, like a laser, as you walk clockwise three times around the area. The circumference drawn by the wand's tip will be the edge of your circle. Project white light out from the wand to create the circle as geometrically perfect and say to yourself that it is.
Walk the circle the second time around and say out loud:

"I cast this circle to protect me/us from all negative and positive energies and forces on any level that may come to do me harm. I draw into this circle only the energies and forces that are right for me and the most correct for my work."

Walk the circle the third time and say:

"I create sacred space. So mote it be."

Invoke the four directions and energies of the elements, angels and powers that reside in them by using the athame, wand, sword or index finger to draw an invoking pentagram as you face each direction. Use a ritual spell of invocation or one you write for yourself.

To open a circle hold the wand out over the circumference of the circle and beginning at magnetic North, walk once around the circle counterclockwise as you say,

"I send this circle into the cosmos to do my bidding. The circle is undone but not broken."


Some rooms need quiet energy and some rooms need active energy. Sun, music and active things brings activity into a space. Similarly, darkness, quiet and lack of motion brings quiet into a space. Balance the main rooms of your home with both active and quiet and balance spaces in the room.
Do not make an east room active this year - an east room should be quiet. Do you have you an east front door? Place lavandar near your door.
Need to enhance your prosperity? Crystal in a clean, sunny SE window is a must.


Light a candle and on Samhain look at your reflection in a dark window. Close your eyes, ask you question about love or marriage and open you eyes and look quickly over your shoulder. There, his/her reflection will appear over your left shoulder.

Take a bowl of water. The bowl should be metal or very dark glass. During a full or new moon, light a white or black candle in your sacred space, close your eyes and relax. Ask your question and when you open your eyes look into the water. Relax and let images or words come into your mind. Try to screen out the talk that usually happens in everyone's mind and just listen to what is trying to be said to you.

Meditate. As you meditate, see yourself on a grassy plain with a forest near you. Go into the forest and listen to the whispering of the wind who will answer your question.